09 Mar 2022


Over the course of the last 6 weeks, our swimmers have competed in the Essex Age Group Championships both at the London Aquatic Centre and at Basildon Sporting Village. We have had an array of achievements across the various age ranges resulting in medals, pennants, and even an Essex Best Time. We could not be more elated and prouder.

We are confident that our next generation of young swimmers will be met with huge success in their future swimming endeavours. Many of our swimmers have also achieved Regional Qualifying times for the regional events being held in May. Warmest congratulations to all our swimmers and in particular to Sean C (2 bronze medals), Reece B (1 bronze medal), Jes S (2 silver medals), and Charley J (2 gold and 2 silver medals). Charley has also received an Essex Best Time for the 100m backstroke – a phenomenal achievement. Pennant winners this year are Eliza S, Sean C, Jes S, Charley J, Ayla Z, Isla O’D, and Beatriz A. A special mention should be given to Charley, Sean, Jes, and Ayla who all finished in the top 10 overall in their respective age groups. We are also delighted to announce that EFDSC finished 13thoverall out of 33 clubs across the county. The future is certainly bright, and we are thrilled with our swimmers’ performance, dedication, and commitment.

Please find attached some photos of the events.


Essex County Champs 2022 Results

EFDSC 13th position overall as a club.
Reece Barclay 29th overall 17/over men
  • Bronze 400m freestyle
Charley Joyce 4th overall 17/over girls
  • Gold 100m back and new county record
  • Gold 200m back
  • Silver 100m freestyle
  • Silver 50m back
  • 5th 50m freestyle
  • 10th 50m fly
Sean Connolly 3rd overall 14years boys
  • Bronze 100m back
  • Bronze 100m freestyle
  • 4th 50m freestyle
  • 4th 400m IM
  • 4th 200m IM
  • 4th 200m freestyle
  • 5th 50m back
  • 5th 200m fly
  • 5th 200m back
  • 6th 50m fly
Eliza Swanepoel 21st overall 14year girls
  • 6th 200m fly
  • 8th 50m fly
Beatriz Alden 23rd overall 13 years girls
  • 9th 50m back
Ayla Zolfaghari 5th overall 10/11 girls
  • 4th 50m back
  • 4th 100m freestyle
  • 5th 200m cr
  • 5th 100m back
  • 6th 50m fly
Jes Sandhu 8th overall 10/11 girls
  • Silver 100m breast
  • 7th 100m freestyle
  • 10th 50m fly
Isla O’Dowd 26th overall 10/11 girls
  • 8th 200m back

Essex County Qualifiers 2022

  • Anna Jaramillo Obcowska
  • Aditi Ganthi
  • Ayla Zolfaghari
  • Beatriz Da Conceicao Alden
  • Betty Marco
  • Cem Foo-Turk
  • Charles Hayward
  • Charley Joyce
  • Dhiya Ventkateswaran
  • Eliza Swanepoel
  • Guangdi Zhu
  • Imtiaaz Rahman
  • India Harrod-Hill
  • Indie Langston
  • Isabella Lewis
  • Isla O’Dowd
  • Jeslene Sandhu
  • Jeyda Faik
  • Jonty Joseph
  • Joshua Dilchand
  • Julia Swanepoel
  • Lea Horakova
  • Liam Bautista
  • Lily Hayward
  • Maisie Muffett
  • Martha Bentley
  • Mya Clewes
  • Ozgun Foo-Turk
  • Reece Barclay
  • Rose Conday
  • Rosie O’Boyle
  • Sean Connolly
  • Sina Pourkomailian
  • Thomas Medhurst
  • Zosia Jaramillo Obcowska


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